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Generation IV HQ 1, in ruin.

The first Technocratian base in history. Was formerly the abandoned first base of USBR in Generation IV. DoctorCondensate took it over, when looking for a mountin near the spawn. As a mountain is where he wished to make his headquarters. Arch Sir DoctorCondensate went about claiming many of the strutures, doing patchwork, and making additions to the design of the base as a whole (including the entrance.) The Arch Sir marveled at how similar some of the ideas and architecture of USBR paralleled with his own, which made it easy for him to work with. When the base was severely damaged in an attack launched by RageBlood and USBR, DoctorCondensate still wanted to make repairs. But when USBR (an ally) stated that they did not want anyone occupying their former bases (and that it was nothing personal), the Arch Sir respected their request and moved out.
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The first base before its destruction.

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