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Arch Sir DoctorCondensate suited up in gold armor for battle.

War With the Devils - Battle 1 - November 7, 2011 (Generation IV)

RageBlood, and Bacon of LosDiablos, and AshtonArdoin of Ashtonia halt at the First Technocratic HQ (First Generation IV HQ of USBR) and procceed to taunt the technocrats into meeting them.

Arch Sir DoctorCondensate and Vice Sir MiniOmegaxis dispatch to meet them at different angles.

  • Arch Sir: Gold Armor, Diamond Sword
  • Vice Sir: Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword

While the Vice Sir takes a direct route, Arch Sir heads toward ICARIUS HQ and makes a near 90 degree turn toward the first Technocratic HQ.

Vice Sir MiniOmegaxis is shot to death by RageBlood. (The Vice Sir was apparently experiencing lag at the time)

Arch Sir DoctorCondensate reaches and enters the main entrance of the first Technocratic HQ. AstonArdoin leads a creeper over and destroys part of the wall while damaging the Arch Sir at the same time with the creeper's explosion. AshtonArdoin then procceeds to cut away the rest of the Arch Sir's life through swordplay.

The Arch Sir and Vice Sir dawn iron armor with iron swords and return to the battlefield.

The Arch Sir and Vice Sir are killed of multiple times after this until their main resources are exhausted, after which they conintue to re-engage the enemy barehanded.

They procceed to do battle after battle until they eventually have to sign off for the night.
2011-11-08 20.01.11

Second Technocratic Base after Infiltration.

After this battle the Second Technocratic HQ was infilitrated through an unsecure mine tunnel. The walls and the laboratory were still left standing and undamaged.

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