Faction Types are titles used to identify factions based on their size.

Small FactionEdit

A small faction is a faction with under 10 members. Numerous insignificant and failed factions have fallen under this classification. Zertopia is one small faction.

Large FactionEdit

A large faction is a faction with 10 to 20 members. Icarius and USBR were large factions during the Fifth Generation.

Super FactionEdit

A super faction is a faction with more than 20 members. Imperium, Iron Horde, and USBR were super factions during the First Generation of the First Era.

Titos Edit

I Lovw me some BIG Titties!!!

A tito fraction is a faction with all the Admans in the group. The Titos Faction is one such example. They've been around long before Minecraft.

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