Hereticus Tower in all it's glory.


Motivational signs.


Even more motivational signs.

Hereticus was founded by Cyclocius in Generation 1, and remained a powerhouse of economy throughout, providing most of the obsidian used for various endeavors (including a remake of Sauron's Tower, created by Ryjinn).

Shortly after founding, TaruMurtag and UK_Bedders joined the faction as Master of Ordnance and Sage Logister respectively. Hereticus' Tower was expanded and an extensive mining complex was dug underneath.

LiveLongDieHappy was the next to join from our circle of confederates (as the

More motivational signs.

Minister of Gentlemen's Literature - don't ask). YogKangaroo was soon to follow, and we started to expand outwards, both in terms of economy and military.

An incident with another player on the server happened some time here.

This is when inactivity started to kill us off - one by one we stopped logging in, and then we finally made the decision to disband. After a week of not playing minecraft, UK_Bedders logged in... Finding Hereticus Tower had been completely vandalised - holes in the floors and walls indicated the site of a massive battle. Once motivational signs had been stolen, and Hereticus' grand legacy was no more......

Officially refounded 06/04/2012 by UK_Bedders as a one-man faction.


Some of the Great Wall of Hereticus. During building, we noticed we had missed a block....