Ikillyou153, known as simply 153, and nicknamed „Kill“ by the people, is currently the Diplomat of the Zertopian faction. His former factions include The Krundle Defence Force (KDF, of which he was founder for a short while), Los Diablos and after the end of Generation 5, he joined the Zertopian army in the Lost Generation.

153’s true factionship began when he joined the war faction, Los Diablos in Gen 5. He was recruited to the unwelcoming faction when he was spotted in the Los Diablos Casino. 153 won 12 straight poker games, and after that continued to roll twenty-five 7’s in dice. He was suspected of cheating and was arrested and interogated. No cheating devices were found on him, nor any evidence of possible fraud. 153 was put into custody until El Presidente Rageblood could make a final decision.

Icarius industries, roughly 20.000 blocks from the prison 153 was held in, at that time was testing a new type of artillery. The test went on without fail for the past 8 times. The rocket’s trajectory was altered by a computer error, of which chances were slim to none. The warhead hit the waters around the Los Diablos island with 4.184×109 J’s of force, causing a short lasting earthquake. 153’s underground prison was affected by the earthquake, and opened cracks in the construction, trough which 153 escaped.

When questioned about the failure of the construction, Rrunyan claimed that „It looks like the concrete we poured right on that spot was faulty. Eh, bad luck“.

Proving 153 is a powerful asset, Los Diablos recruited him. In his following battles 153 continued to exhibit his strange effect on probability and odds. To this day 153 has not been hit by an arrows, and every injury he has had has shown to be non lethal. Lacerations have missed vital veins and capilaries. Bones were not broken because of angle and velocity of fall.

153’s relationship with his factionmates is a close one. Factions rely on his diplomatic skills, as well as building and fighting ability.