The LosDiablosEdit


Official banner of LosDiablos, courtesy of Goose.

The LosDiablos (Or LD for short) is a first-generation faction that is usually confined to an island. The LosDiablos is Co-Led by Rageblood as El Presidente, Bacon_Planet as Admiral, and Bulet as General. Flags colors are black, blue and red, with a white skull and bones painted onto the black portion. It is commonly believed that the LosDiablos are mexican (Hence the name), when in reality they are Serbian Pirate Revolutionaries.

The factions base location is generally kept secret, establishing connection to other parts of the world via numerous nether portals. In case of one gaining the knowledge of the base of command, said person is to be given a class A amnesiac assbeating, with the intention to preserve the factions secretive location. Tresspassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

The faction mainly excells in farming various plants and livestock. Exports include melons, wheat, beef, and obsidian, thanks to Ragebloods revolutionary system of aquiring the valuable mineral. Various merchants claim place inside the faction assuring a steady flow of materials, food and supplies.

While the basic needs are satisfied by mining and farming, most of the valuables are aquired from other factions, by force. Assaults mainly take place on faggy little one-man factions, but the factions leader, Rageblood, is prone to having "episodes" of randomly engaging in wars with unsuspecting factions. This is widely believed to be his secret fetish.

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Generation I Base

El PresidenteEdit

Ever since Los Diablos was established in Generation 1 to the current (experimental) generation. El Presidente Rageblood is a dictator strong and democratically elected leader of Los Diablos. El Presidente is the jack-of all-trades with him being in the top of Los Diablos's chain-of-command. From murdering everybody forming alliances with other factions to video reporting to being a jackass forming strong economic and diplomatic ties to Imperium many factions. El Presidente also invented a revolutionary way of harvesting and gathering obsidian.

Vote El Presidente 2012! OR ELSE

How to kills enemy and his family too: A guide by Glorious Leader and Comrade El Presidente Rageblood

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Generation 6 has brought new (and much needed) changes to Los Diablos, shifting from a dictatorship to a democracy. Admiral and war hero Bacon_Planet is now currently El_Presidente (Gen VI - Present). Introducing new things such as a war economy based on fighting for the highest bidder, and introducing new things such as the freedom tax. El Presidente Bacon Planet will bring new hope for freedom and democracy in the future.

Or else

A new motto for freedom and democracy!

After the coalition of freedom hating factions attacked Los Diablos base for stealing a boat, it was decided that Los Diablos shouldn't have a free and democratically elected leader, so now Los Diablos is under the command of El Presidente Rageblood, again. Where he will bring in another era of troll terrorism once again.