Duck likes long walks on the beaches, and strawberries, and peaches

MadFlyingDuck (Or just Duck), is infact, not a duck, but a pirate. He is everything a pirate could hope to be, and more. He's captain of several ships, and he runs the faction known as the Swash Fucklers.

Regarding his outside appearance, Duck is dressed in a pirate tunic made of the finest golden threads, which he aquired durring his many pillaging adventures. He has a long lush beard, which he grooms bi-daily. His beard keeps it’s volume and freshness with the help of Swashie Washietm brand shampoo. Unfortunately, Duck has not one, but two peg-legs. His legs were lost in an unfortunate accident, which we asked Duck himself about.

„Yarr, I remember those dark years, when I lost my trusty, left leg. It was when I was still a wee scurvy dog. My old captain Whatshisname was leading a raid onto a rival pirate ship. I was battling, killing no-good pirates left n’ right. Then it happened: one of the shark peopl- Oh yeah, they were shark people mutants, I forgot to say that. Anyway, one of them chomped my leg off after I knocked the cutlass right out of his fins. One of my mateys came to rescue me¸his name is Swampie.“ Reports Duck, and with a sigh takes a sip of low quality store-bought rum. He was then asked about his right leg. „Oh, I forgot.“ Duck shrugged it off and continued to chug.

Surprisingly, the Swashies don’t set out to sea anymore, in search of adventures. When Duck was asked about this, as captain, he said: „I don’t know how to drive the boat.“

Everyone loves Duck. It might be because of his dashing looks, or his witty personality, but Duck and his crew are the best of friends. He’s also a smooth pimp who gets all the ladies.