The following is a list of mods that do not require a detailed article.



While formerly used for writing books via text commands, Bookworm's only available feature at the moment is storing books in bookshelves.

Combat TagEdit

Combat Tag causes a player who logs out in one-on-one combat to lose their inventories.


CreeperHeal restores craters caused by Creeper explosions, allowing for a more natural landscape.


iConomy forms the backbone of the server's economic system, including shops and faction land claims.


LavaForge allows empty buckets to be collected from furnaces after using buckets of lava as a fuel source.


LoginMessage displays messages to players after immediately logging on.


LoreTime displays the in-game date of the world using the Elder Scrolls series' calendar.


MoneyDrop causes monsters to drop currency that can be used with the iConomy modification to buy land and items at shops.

Anti EndermanEdit

Anti Enderman prevents Endermen from picking up blocks, preserving the natural environment.


ObsidianDestroyer disables the invincible properties of Obsidian, requiring three explosions within ten minutes for destruction.


Lumberjack allows players to chop down a tree from anywhere in the trunk without tools.


ChannelChat splits normal chat into three different channels: public chat, faction chat, and alliance chat.


TreeAssist automatically plants saplings from fallen trees to allow for automatic planting.


AntiUG prevents crops from being planted under opaque blocks.


PickBoat allows boats that crash into land to be recoverable.


Ships allows players to build ships and airships that can be controlled through sign commands.


BottledExp allows experience gathered from players to be stored in Ender Pearls.


MCBans (First Era)Edit

MCBans was a database plugin that measured the reputation of players, banning those with low reputation. After the reintroduction of a whitelist, MCBans was disabled.

Showcase (First Era)Edit

Showcase allowed players to make shops on half-slabs. When the plugin was discontinued, it was replaced with a new plugin.

Very Sticky Pistons (First Era)Edit

Very Sticky Pistons allowed sticky pistons to pull back blocks, even while unpowered. When Minecraft was updated to 1.3.1, Very Sticky Pistons was not updated, leaving it to history.

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