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Mir'Vaal from outside the front gates.

Mir'Vaal is a port built by Los Diablos with help from Icarius and other factions. The name literally translates to "Allegiance Bay". It is being designed as a central transportation hub, with ships to every major faction city. Expansions are being planned, as space is running low in the canal and the port's popularity is increasing.

It features many boats, with destinations such as Icarius (now owned by Imperium), Zertopia, Iron Legion, Imperium. and Pirate's Bay (TheSwashFucklers). There are also several shops open; The Barrel o' Booze, the Icarian Emporium, the Helpful Weeaboo, Imperium Swagger, The Legionnaire, the Devil's General, and a pub called The Glistening Melon. They all sell various items ranging from dirt to diamond.

At its current state, the port has been occupied by all major factions. This renders most of the Nether Routes unnecessary, and opens up a much safer, and luxorious way of travel. It is the closest major city to the Spawn point, making it a busy port for new players and old veterans alike.

A large portion of the port was built by Ikillyou153, with help from MajorWX, who found the location, and Bulet, who provided minor help with construction and supplies. Help was given by way of donation of supplies from other factions, and boats and shops for other factions are also courtesy of themselves. The port is no longer under major construction but minor work is still being done. A major expansion is also being planned.

Any help from any faction is strongly welcomed, be it a Cubit donation (for funding the building of the port), or even help with manpower, supplies, and construction. Any and all investments are guaranteed to come out as a profit for every faction that helps in the realization of this project. Act now. For a better future.


All ships of the world depart on a time schedule, which is every six minutes. While standing on the ship when the timer reaches zero, you will be ported to the boat on the opposite side of the link.

  • The Meridia - Iron Legion
  • SS Zertopia - Zertopia
  • SS Cobbless - TheSwashFucklers
  • SS Teapot - Imperium
  • RIS Ericson - Icaria