The layout of Skingrad.

F Skingrad

The official banner of Skingrad

Skingrad is a faction formed in Map Generation 3 by MajorWX (The count of Skingrad) based on the town in the hit RPG game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The faction was founded on the discovery of a large flat valley between two hills. The original base of Skingrad was assaulted by griefers who led Creepers to the border of claimed territory. The original base has been scraped for the larger valley to the west of it, but the ruins still remain.

Skingrad is a walled city with the main entrance facing east, toward spawn. The first building in the new Skingrad is the underground base access, where MajorWX built the factions mob spawner, a day before Nofarm was installed. The other buildings include a farm, a warehouse, and DeathSquid built Butcher's and Smith’s. The main export of Skingrad is string, whether used for bows, fishing poles, or wool, Skingrad is likely to have provided the string.

Faction DetailsEdit

Skingrad is a mostly peaceful faction that is allies with Armyof2 and whatever Artemis360 is currently in. Skingrad is the largest faction other than Imperium, both factions are relatively close geographically. Skingrad tends to dislike one player factions, and has burnt some bases of one player factions down.