Solace is a faction founded by reviewmad on the 12th of January 2012. It harbors only three residents.

History Edit

Reviewmad joined the USBR in December 2011, but eventually came to realise that he could not serve the Broviet Union due to timezone issues. Reviewmad could not head to another faction as he did not want to take the chance of having to go against his former comrades. He decided a bastard child Of the USBR could be created, populated by him and a hand-picked trio of friends, so he head out to set up Solace.

Allies Edit

Solace is willing to ally with USBR-friendly factions. Solace will not ally with those who have plans against the USBR. Solace will make peace if possible, only ever declaring war on small, vulnerable factions.

Timeline Edit

January 12 2012 Solace is founded by reviewmad. An alliance is formed with the USBR.

January 13 2012 DrSalvador and Soduhjah join Solace. Salvador is taught of the glorious USBR.

Requesting to join Edit

Solace is not open. If for some reason you wanted to join, you would have to be in favor of the USBR and be reccomended by a USBR member. Otherwise, you must either be somebody the Soldat knows personally.