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The spawn ruins as seen from the border of the Broberian Forest

The Spawn ruins are a mysterious landmark where all new settlers to the world start. Within the ruins there is a strange but convenient Nether portal for easy travel.

The exact origin of The Spawn remains unknown. It is belived to be the work of the diety, Goose Jeesus. Many try to explain the happenings at central part of the world, but none can say for sure when, and for what reason it was put there. All people, upon death, report a strange sensation of travelling at a very high velocity, and waking up at the monument with a nausiatic feeling.

Although most of the time The Spawn retains its original shape, it is prone to cosmetic changes at the holiday times, giving assumption that a sentient force is controlling its appearance. It is at time of writing, 19th of December, housing an enormous Chrismass tree, many gift boxes, and is surrounded by numerous red and white candy canes.

Since The Spawn is protected by a Safe Zone, no wars take place in its vicinity, with the exception of occasianal brawls at the local shops and bars around the area. It is also a common sight to see wealthy, important people trading at The Spawn. It isn't hard for petty thievery to flourish wih the large number of commonwealth carrying valuables and cubits on their person.