We the people of the Codunative Union, in order to form a fiery blade against terrorism, form an Aegis against barbarity, promote diversity of government, and ensure peace between all nation within the Union thereof, fully concur with and establish this Constitution of The Coadunative Union. Any nation within this Union shall be entitled to all of the priveleges to be mentioned, provided they remain within law of this Constitution.


  • Article 1: All members shall enjoy freedom in their choice of government.
  • Article 2: All members shall gauranteed support (if desired) from capable fellow members in conflicts with nations outside of the Union. (If war between two members arises, the voting system go into effect to determine which nation will be kicked, if any at all.)
  • Article 3: All members shall be protected from war with any fellow members of the Union.
  • Article 4: All members shall enjoy unrestricted commerce with fellow members.
  • Article 5: All members shall be ensured alliance with fellow members.
  • Article 6: All members shall, if capable, launch a join effort against terrorist factions.
  • Article 7: All members shall have suffrage in any matters which require vote.
  • Article 8: All members shall be permitted to leave the Union peacefully.
  • Article 9: All members shall be able to state opinions freely in any format, be it written or oral.
  • Article 10: All members shall be permitted to have more rights than listed in these ten articles.

Voting Process

  • Each faction gets 10 initial points of voting power.
  • Each faction gets 1 point of voting power for every member in their faction.
  • The choice with the most voting points wins. If their are multiple choices with the same voting points, all other choices will be deleted and a vote will be recast. (This will be repeated untill minimum amount of choices remain. If there are still some choices which are tied, furhter discussion will have to ensue, in order to resolve the situation before casting yet another vote.)
  • The leader of the faction will represent his faction in the vote.