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"What the fuck are you doing!?" - Madflyingduck

The Swash Fucklers are a pirate faction lead by Mad Flying Duck. They currently own two ships, The Neptunes Pride, that ships goods and visitors to The Mir'Vaal Port, and the HMS Cutlass that is currently unused (?). They also own a shop at Mir'Vaal, where they sell all kinds of booty, and the best price diamonds you can buy, and a deal that no other shop sells, Handcrafted enchanted weapons and tools (Contact anyone from The Swash Fucklers for prices and info) They are currently based in The Pirate Bay, Their handmade town.
The pirate bay

The pirate bay

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Un-named ship (Left) Neptunes Pride (Right)


The Swash Fucklers Banner

Thread ship 21

Neptunes pride and HMS Cutlass