Vampirism is the medical condition, transfered trough foreign blood, such as getting vampiric blood in an open wound, or by blood transplant.

The disease has several symptoms, which appear over time. It is divided into 2 main stages:

The first stage is hard to see with the naked eye on an infected person, as it has no physiological effects, but rather mental, although well hidden. The infected person will occasionaly show desire to kill a large number of animals, for reasons unkown even to themselves. The second stage of the disease will take place after aproximatly 3 days after the initial infection.

The second stage is the stage of finished transformation. The infection is complete and the subjects (Now officialy called a vampire) skin is now hypersensitive to sunlight. Its digestive system is now adapted to ingesting only human (and certain animal) blood. Other types of food proved unable to satisfy a vampires hunger troughoutly, making it an undependable form of nutrition.

Other symptoms include higher physical strengh and reaction speed. A very strange sideeffect is the ability to defy gravitational forces while in skin contact with a bone extracted from Skeletons.

Standard weapons were deemed near useless compared to the pain caused by wooden objects piercing the vampires skin.